About Us

The Office of Community Standards & Student Conduct is established to foster and protect the scholarly, civic development of Missouri S&T students & further supports the University and its mission by providing a secure living-learning environment. Community Standards & Student Conduct is responsible for defining the behavioral expectations of students while educating the campus community regarding these standards and procedures.  These services are designed to adjudicate student conduct matters through methods that maintain individual accountability while taking into account the needs of the campus community.  We are committed to protecting the campus community and instilling the University Values through educational initiatives.


To contribute to the educational mission of the University by supporting an open, safe, and just campus environment where civility, diversity, and learning are expected and celebrated.


Address behavior through a resolution process that reflects an educational approach and upholds the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved.Foster ethical standards and engaged community members.

Provide learning experiences for students who engage in the conduct process by empowering them to have a profound impact while actively demonstrating self management and conceren for their peers and the larger campus community. 

Provide educational programs that serve to reduce violations and promote accountability by challenging students in their development of critical thinking, personal & professional success, integrity, community engagement, self management and cultural awareness.

Missouri S&T Values

Lifelong Success
We add exceptional value. The rewards of the Missouri S&T experience extend far beyond a
college education, valued degree or gratifying career. The S&T experience prepares you for a fulfilling life defined by the confidence to succeed, a desire to excel and a love of learning that never stops.

We are innovators. Building a better world demands a creative spark, innovative and entrepreneurial approaches, and curiosity to discover and explore new solutions to the world’s great challenges.

We hold ourselves accountable for our actions. We strive to uphold the highest ethical standards, to conduct ourselves with trustworthiness and respect for all of humanity, and to instill in our campus community these same principles.

We live by example. As stewards of the public goodwill, the financial resources entrusted to us, and the environment, we emphasize resilient and sustainable practices in all our endeavors.

We are great partners. We focus on adding value and creating mutually beneficial partnerships. The solutions to today’s great challenges require agile collaboration, teamwork and engagement with our stakeholders, both on campus and in the greater business, civic, national and international communities.

We are an inclusive, welcoming community. We seek to build a creative learning environment
marked by openness, understanding and valuing all people and perspectives.