Controlled Substance Information

To make responsible choices regarding controlled substance, it’s imperative that members of our campus community are informed and understand the effects and associated consequences. The following information is provided for Missouri S&T students so they may become better informed about controlled substance use.

Additional information and on-campus resources are available through the Student Wellness Office, Dean of Students Office, Student Health Services and Counseling

Alcohol Information


Alcohol Laws

Alcoholic Energy Drinks Alert

High Cost of Risky Decisions

Facts about Alcohol

Factors that Influence Blood Alcohol Content

Social Norms at Missouri S&T


Alcohol Related Emergencies

Biology of Intoxication

Alcohol and Safety

Online Resources

Drug Information

Reality Check: What are the Risks of Using Marijuana?

Justifying Marijuana Use: Why People Think it is Okay

The Consequences of Using Marijuana

What is the Norm at Missouri S&T?

Self Assessment

Your Brain + Marijuana = A Dangerous Equation

Bath Salt Use and Abuse