Alcohol Information

It is important for students to know the facts about high-risk alcohol use and be aware of their ability to work with others to make their college campus a safer and healthier place to study, grow, and live. Alcohol use on campus affects all students, even those who abstain. Those who choose to drink, particularly at a high risk level, may experience negative consequences including academic, health and legal repercussions.

Students can play an active role in preventing high-risk and illegal alcohol use on campus. Consider engaging with Joes P.E.E.R.S or taking a leadership role within a student organization to educate members regarding alcohol.  Students are encouraged to utilize on-campus resources, such as the Student Wellness Office, Office of the Dean of Students, Student Health Services and Counseling, if they or a friend has a question or needs assistance regarding alcohol education.

The following information is provided for Missouri S&T students to assist them in making responsible choices regarding alcohol and to increase awareness regarding the effects and consequences associated.  If you would like further information, would like to speak with someone in person or if you are interested in arranging a program that pertains to alcohol education, contact Missouri S&T’s Health Educator at, 573-341-4211 or the Office of the Dean of Students,, 573-341-4209.